Vehicle Transport Trailers

If moving Cars, Vans, 4×4’s is your business Brian James make a Trailer to suit you. From the Hi-Max Trailer up to the Race Transporter we have one that fits the bill.

The Hi-Max Tiltbed Trailer with its 5:00mts Bed and its 3.5tns gross carrying capacity has to be one of the fastest loading Trailer on today’s market but it’s  quality and its rugged construction means that even in the hardest environment it will withstand everyday use.

The TT Trailer Range is Fixed or Tiltbed and comes with alternative extra-long ramps to suit the lowest of low slung vehicles, no ripping off Spoilers with this range and with a 3.5tns capacity it is one of our more versatile Trailer Range, it can also incorporate the Brian James PDQ system, which the factory inform me means Pure Dead Quick, this allows the trailer to be towed behind a Flatbed Vehicle and with ramps at the front of the Trailer lets you load and unload the truck without disconnecting the Trailer, hence the PDQ.

The Race Shuttle 2 and 3 trailers are very useful when you want a vehicle secured within a covered trailer, this range is the most popular amongst movers of cars around the 4.5mts in length and the ultimate in the covered trailers range is the Race Transporter which comes in a wide variety of models, from the Race 4 starting at 5.0mts with a carrying capacity of 2.6tns right up to the massive High Line models that is up to 6.5 mts in length, has a gross capacity of 3.5tns and a shed of extras.

We can even add the double decker unit to a range of trailers that allows the movement of one on top of the other.

No matter what vehicles you are moving it has been proved time and time again Brian James Trailers manufacture a range that will suit you, it will give you many years of trouble free service and allow movement of vehicles throughout the country with the slightest of ease.