Classic Car Trailers

The one item most keen Classic Car Enthusiasts look for is a quality Trailer to move their prize possessions round the country, Brian James Trailers have been manufacturing the best of British Trailers for over 35 years.

From the Brand New C2 and C4 BLUE Range for someone on a low budget is already destined to be the most popular car transporter in Europe, then on to the other brand new A2 and the A4 Transporter, this range make life very easy for the enthusiasts to load and unload. No lifting on and off ramps, they slide smoothly underneath the low and stable chassis with the slightest of ease. Wider beds up to 2:00mts and the A2/A4 transporter will also provide a well controlled towing experience that all Brian James customers have come to expect.

Their extensive range and choice of covered trailers like the New Sprint Shuttle designed to accommodate a workshop facility and act as a team shelter from some of our worst weather or maybe you prefer the RS2 or the RS3 trailers, both of these are now being made in multiple sizes and a secure and safe way of storing and transporting a car as well as being the most popular covered trailer available, I like to think these two combined with numerous permutations will always be winners.

Many competitors but no competition.

And for the enthusiasts who wants the ultimate in car transportation we offer the Race Transporter Range, this is the latest in the Brian James Collection and offers the ultimate luxury in car transporter trailers. Use it to store you vehicle, transport it, workshop facility and as a covered social meeting place for your team players and guests, it offers the ultimate luxury in car transporters.

No other Trailer manufacturer offers an entry level of this quality from the basic right up to the highest specification; you will find your Race Transporter will perform to the ultimate levels in expectations.