Motor-Home Trailers

No other trailer manufacturer has put more thought into designing the perfect trailer to fit the vehicle you tow behind your Motor Home.

The Brian James Brand New C2 Range has replaced our Micro-Max Range and is already destined to be the leader in the Motor-Home trailer field, it will accommodate your smart car to a tee, but we also make a model that will suit any vehicle you care to tow behind your Motor Home.

The A2 Transporter Range is a bit of luxury offering the fastest and safest ramp loading system on the trailer market, no lifting ramps here; they glide smoothly under the low stable chassis and are ideal for those who require trouble free ease of use, safety and security behind a Motor Home.

This range of Trailers allows the serious traveller to park up their Motor Home on site and enjoy the pleasures of a small car to explore the countryside whilst experiencing all the benefits of Brian James Trailers 35 years of design and manufacturing.