Trailer Servicing & Repair

Did you know that it is your responsibility that any vehicle you take onto the road must be in a road worthy condition? Well this also applies to trailers as well. All too often owners of trailers forget this and allow their trailer to fall into a state of disrepair and then when they need it the most it is not fit to be used on the public highways.

Y-Mac Engineering has repaired and serviced many trailers over the years for both domestic customers and also business owners. These repairs have been many and varied from small items like new tyres to undertaking some fabrication and welding to enhance the structure of the trailer and ensure it maintains its stability and strength when full laden.

Like many vehicles we advise that you regularly get your trailer serviced to help identify small problems before they end up becoming bigger repair bills. To find out how we can help simply give us a call and don’t forget… “Ask for Cammy!”.